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Team XippY - OLD News
XippY new CSS Team

Comments 1 By Northern Ireland LikWydd in Clan on Thursday 13 November @ 08:38

XippY Clan News

After a spell of inactivity team-XippY have announced their new CSS team to compete in the UK leagues.

The Players:

Arrow Northern Ireland LikWydd [Manager]
Arrow Northern Ireland Zell [Leader]
Arrow England Kreative [Leader]
Arrow England Sting
Arrow Scotland MusicMan
Arrow Jamaica Beanie
Arrow Italy Veggie
Arrow England SpOoK
Arrow England Gizmo

We will start by entering Enemy DownEnemyDown and try to climb the ladder before entering other cups/leagues.

If you want to challenge us to a PCW please visit our forum.

Please support us by visiting our mIRCirc channel: #team-XippY

Team XippY back on Form.

Comments 1 By Jamaica Beanie in EnemyDown on Sunday 01 March @ 12:57

XippY ED News

With the recently result against Restlezz Gaming that took Team XippY to a new high of 8 games won in a row.

These results have seen us gather over 200 points on the ED open ladder rising us up 130 places to 77th in the ladder.

A big thank you to all who played in these matches and lets keep it up.

Xippy Awards 2008

Comments 2 By Jamaica Beanie in Clan on Monday 05 January @ 12:43

XippY Clan News

Over the past week Xippy members have been voting for who they think should recieve different awards, click "read more" for more detailed results.

1. Most Improved Player of the Year - Jamaica Beanie
2. Players Player of the Year - Northern Ireland LikWydd
3. Rager of the Year - Northern Ireland christoh
4. Teamkiller of the Year - England Kreative
5. Most Active During 2008 - England Kreative
6. Most Missed Member - Wales VooDou
7. Spammer of the Year - UK Stwiltz
8. Best Community Member of 2008 - Jamaica Beanie
9. Funniest Member - Jamaica Beanie
10. Highlights of the Year - Beating Yegods 28-2

Congratulations to all, and lets make 2009 a good year for Team Xippy, and Xippy Eqnx

Merry Christmas

Comments 3 By Northern Ireland LikWydd in Scene on Tuesday 23 December @ 08:09

Merry Christmas!!

Just a small message from everyone at XippY to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care over the holidays and don't drink too much Smile

See you soon!

Team-XippY Leader?

Comments 1 By Northern Ireland LikWydd in Clan on Tuesday 16 December @ 14:34

XippY Clan News

Team-XippY have announed that they will be expanding their squad by forming a "second" team. Our main CSS team have started to settle in EnemyDown and the wins are starting to come so we feel it's now time to take on some other players. We wanted to expand our squad so we can play more games and mix with eachother.

We will need to recruit an experienced player to be the team2 leader. This person will have the help from the main team to recruit, for tactics, matches and any other help needed. The player must be friendly and get along with everyone else but also show the maturity to lead a team.

Progress in 2v2 Ladder

Comments 2 By Northern Ireland LikWydd in EnemyDown on Monday 15 December @ 11:08

XippY ED News

Team-XippY have rejoined the ED 2v2 ladder with a convincing win over emense.

Previously doing well in this ladder before a period of inactivity we decided it was time to reenter and challenge the top teams there.

Northern Ireland LikWydd & Wales VooDou played in the first 2v2 game since October and came out on top with some impressive stats. LikWydd finishing CT half with a score of 28-4, along with VooDou battling hard in the second half helped us to a well deserved victory and finishing the game 19-11.

We will be playing a lot more 2v2's so don't be scared to challenge us.

Good Luck!

News Update

Comments 1 By Northern Ireland LikWydd in Clan on Tuesday 02 December @ 07:51

XippY Clan News

This is just a quick news update letting you know what has been going on in Team-XippY recently.

Arrow Roster
One of the two trialists passed the trial and has gone on to become a full member of the team. He has shown he has what it takes to play along side us and get on well with us on site and vent. Please welcome Barbados VerVe to XippY and wish him luck in upcoming matches. We have also taken on another 3x trialists to help strengthen our squad. Have a look on their profiles to get to know them more and please welcome England TiduS, England Delirium & Northern Ireland fragtastic to the squad.

Enemy Down EnemyDown Update
Following a run of poor results in EnemyDown we havn't moved very far in the ladder system. It shows some more practice is needed before we start making progress in the ladder. We will have to play a lot better as a team so we can get the wins we deserve. We will continue to play ED matches throughout the week, so get challenging!

Arrow New War Arranger
We have decided to promote Jamaica Beanie to the position of War Arranger. Any match challenges should go through him when available. He will be the main player responsible for setting up matches and entering result on the ED page.

ArrowRecruitment Status
Although we have 11 players on the current roster we are always looking for skilled players to add to our team. If the roster becomes too large we may consider splitting into to separate teams. This has not been discussed yet. If you feel you have what it takes to play for XippY, you can check our recruitment forum here.

Two new Trialists

Comments 1 By Northern Ireland LikWydd in Clan on Wednesday 19 November @ 06:42

XippY Clan News

Team-XippY have to decided to extend their squad by taking on two new players. Hopefully this will mean we will be able to play a lot more matches and also a greater option when picking our match team.

The two new players will be on one weeks trial where they will be assessed on their skill, ability to play along side our current players and their general conduct over the coming week.

The players:
England pwnstar
Barbados VerVe

Please welcome these two new players and wish them luck during their stay.